Market Intelligence


Market Intelligence

Can’t afford AC Nielson data? Don’t worry. We are experts at market intelligence.

Strong market intelligence is the key to making good decisions when entering a foreign market. Our expertise in gathering the correct market intelligence will ensure your product and brand will be competitive in the Asian retail supermarket.

We will pre-define the scope of the market intelligence you require, source the information and translate it into a plan. This plan will give you the tools to succeed in growing your brand in your chosen market.

We can:

  • Collect information at store level from the client
  • Find out your competitors prices
  • Know what promotions and activities they are doing
  • Find out what marketing materials they are using
  • Find out the shelf space allocation. This is an indication of the market leader
  • Study their television advertising—above and below the line marketing
  • Find out what media your competitor is using—television, radio, magazines, newspaper